Place cards that won’t fly off!

5th February 2013

I wanted to share some of the fresh and funky place card ideas that are currently floating around the internet. The ones that I have chosen not only look fantastic, but they also ¬†solve one of the most frustrating problems for a party planner at outdoor events… the wind!! All of the place cards included in this post should stay put even at the windiest of outdoor venues.

These green place cards with white calligraphy print are cleverly slotted into wine corks. Wouldn’t this be an amazing place card idea for an event at one of Israel’s gorgeous wineries?


How about these apples with the guests’ names pinned on for an event around the Jewish New Year? I particularly love that the name tags are cut out in the shape of leaves..a lot of effort..but definitely worth it to achieve this stunning look. And, they certainly won’t be flying anywhere :)

place card idea 3 apples

These pretty place cards are nestled in a lentil-lined serving tray to keep them from flying away, which got me thinking, how about place cards nestled in a tray of sand for an event at a seaside venue?

place cards nestled in lentils

These place cards tied onto lavender bundles are also charming and double up as a lovely gift for guests to take home. These would work beautifully in any of the forest/nature reserve settings.

lavendar bundle escort cards

And last, but not least, here is one of my creations…I stapled these satin ribbons in horizontal lines onto the table cloth and tucked the classic fold over place cards underneath. It worked a charm!

Tamar ribbon placecards


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