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3rd May 2013

After setting your date and picking a suitable venue, one of the most important (and fun!) decisions that you need to make is what colour scheme you want for your event. The colour scheme that you choose will set the tone for your celebration and will tell your guests from the moment they get your invitation, what kind of event it is going to be. Before choosing your colours, here are a few things that you should consider:

1              The Colour Wheel

To create a successful colour scheme, you need to understand a little bit about how colours work. There are 3 basic colour pairing options. Monochromatic, analogous and complementary. A monochromatic colour scheme is based on tones of the same colour. You pick a main colour and then two other hues of the same colour e.g. pink, blush and soft rose. This creates a subtle and classic look. An analogous colour scheme uses colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel e.g. blue, purple, magenta. When you look at the colours in an analogous colour scheme, you will just feel like they belong together. Complementary colour schemes work on the basis of opposites. You pick colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel to give a striking look. When you walk into a room with this type of colour scheme, you just can’t believe how fantastic the colours look together!

colour wheel

2              Don’t go over the top

When choosing a colour scheme, it is easy to get carried away with all the beautiful colours that are available. Unless you are going for a rainbow theme, try to stick to 2 or 3 colours and use them sparingly at the event (for example, don’t wear a dress in the same colour as your colour scheme!)

pink and orange

3.            Location, location

Try to choose colours that work well in the venue that you have booked. If there are elements in the space that can’t be changed, like the colour of the ceiling or the flooring, then make sure that the colour scheme that you choose doesn’t look terrible with what is there already! Other things to look out for are centrepieces or furniture items that are included with the venue that you could use for free. If they are all black, then probably best not to choose a navy based colour scheme! If you are planning an outdoor event, then try to choose a colour scheme that sits well with nature. Cream, pale pink, green, brown and pale blue all work beautifully in an outdoor setting.

beach wedding centrepiece

4.            There is a season for all things

Don’t forget that colour schemes should also fit with the time of year that your event falls. Burgandy, gold, chocolate brown and deep orange are all gorgeous winter/autumn colours. For the spring/summer, it is much better to go with pastels like pale pink, lilac and eggshell blue.

burgandy gold


5.            Set the mood for your party

When choosing your colours, think about the type of party that you are planning. If you are after a funky and vibrant bat mitzvah party look, hot pink, pale pink and apple green look amazing. For a striking winter bar mitzvah you could go for chocolate brown and tiffany blue. And for an elegant summer wedding with a touch of vintage go for hues of grey with yellow.

pink and green inspiration board

Lani's cake image

grey yellow color scheme 2

6.            Think practical

Try to be practical when picking your decor. Consult an event planner or designer about what tablecloth and napkin colours are available and remember that flowers are seasonal, so you might not be able to get the exact colour flower that you want at the time of year that your event falls. Also consider budget when deciding on colour. Gold and silver may be beautiful combined with other colours, but it might make your event more costly.

seasonal flowers

7.            Make sure you love it!

Finally, when picking your colour scheme, make sure that you really really love it! A colour scheme is a very personal thing and if you don’t instantly like it, it probably isn’t for you. Don’t let anyone pressure you into choosing something that isn’t YOU…pick colours that will make you smile on your big day!

happy bride and flowers

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