A few words about me

A born organiser, with a love of beautiful things and a passion for turning people’s dreams into reality.


I made aliya to Israel from the UK in the summer of 2006 and have spent a great deal of my time since then helping Anglo clients living both in Israel and abroad to plan the weddings and other special events of their dreams. When I’m not planning events, I’m a wife and mother to four wonderful children, who certainly keep me on my toes! I’m a lawyer by profession, which makes me a little bit feisty (so I’ve been told) and certainly helps me in negotiating with Israeli suppliers. I love my job, because it allows me to immerse myself in the beauty of the country that I chose to live in, and because it continually provides me with new and exciting challenges. I love to create, to plan and to organise and live for that amazing moment when I can see my months of hard work all coming together in yet another unique and gorgeous event.

Why my clients choose me

Because I listen to them and understand what kind of event they want and help them to achieve it.

Having grown up in London, I fully understand the needs, tastes and traditions of Anglo clients and keep that at the forefront of my mind when creating their events in Israel. My clients tell me that they use me, because I understand them and speak their language and yet, I am able to negotiate with Israeli suppliers on their behalf as an Israeli. I get to know my clients well and take the time to listen to them, to ensure that I fully understand their vision for their event.  I hold my clients’ hands throughout their event planning process, using my experience and knowledge of the Israeli events industry to ensure that they get the quality of service that they deserve and an enjoyable and effortless journey to their special day.[/one_half]